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Welcome, or welcome back if a returning visitor!

This site began as My Class Notes which I constructed in Netscape Navigator in the late 90's as an online adjunct to my English classes Years 8-12 in Western Australia in the late 1990's. Over time the site morphed into which over time became a resource for teachers and students not only in WA and Australia but internationally as well though majority of the latter I think were commercial sites linking to some of my pages.

I as English Moderator at the Curriculum Council, now School Curriculum and Standards Authority in 2008 where I worked for 13 years before retiring, I kept the site running with minimal input. Unfortunately though as a result of not being updated it was eventually overwhelmed by dodgy online pharmarceutical companies hijacking links despite increased web host security. So down it came a few years back!

Since then given tough COVID times we are all facing, for teachers in-particular with increasing demands on them to provide online learning opportunities, I have had requests for JohnWatsonsite to be resurrected. This I'm very happy to do.

Worth noting, the site is non-profit. I make no money nor personally gain anything (other than satisfaction) from its content. Rather the site costs me for software and hosting, but again happy to contribute what I can.

Some pointers:

  • The site divided into two: the dated My Class Notes with its middle school focus, remaining much as it was; some pages migrated to WACE English, which has a Year 11-12 ATAR and General English focus. (No reason at all why students Yrs 7-10 shouldn't be engaged in any of these activities and have this material available to them.)
  • Re copyright -

    • I've tried to acknowledge all sources with direct links but this not always possible. I long ago found that many websites either don't archive material, do so within a particular time-frame or occasionally re-structure their sites, all of which result in 404 File Not Found pages. Many online reporting articles here (most very dated) are copied and pasted rather than just cited with a link; nontheless these copied versions are generally cited and not masquerading as my own;

    • This site is non-profit, that is not for personal gain as indicated above - for educational puposes only;

  • I'll be adding to the site over time - probably 1,500-2,000 pages all-up though as mentioned some very dated - so a work in progress;

  • Although I was previously the SCSA English Principal Consultant, all material here is either in the public domain, eg Examination Report key issues summarised rather than original documents, or is reported as lived feedback from professional development sessions and professional experience;

  • Please acknowledge any material however distributed where I have requested for this to be cited in the footer of that particular document.

And like Pooh below, always a mentor to me, if you really want to get somewhere then you need effort, enterprise and maybe even risk to get there! Good luck in your journey, wherever it may be to.

Any questions, requests or issues please feel free to contact me.


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