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Welcome to Ace-Resources

Ace-Resources provides potential teaching resources for senior secondary English ATAR and General courses in Western Australia. The site (including My ClassNotes) is currently under development. Much below yet to be organised.

Focus initially will be on reading material for comprehension and analysis activities, expanding later to right hand side margin content. I don't intend to differentiate between ATAR and General content. Most resources will be accessible to both courses with pitch and course relevance determined by the questions and activities.


  1. Jodie defends Kirsten

  2. Snobs and whingers

  3. Malala

  4. Argument Taylor Swift

  5. Media snobs

  6. Voices from Solitary

  7. Truth In Non Fiction

  8. You're Either With Us

  9. What do you mean - study hybrid novels

  10. Whole Pantry - Belle

  11. Reading practices

Australian Curriculum

  1. ACARA (link)

  2. Australian Curriculum websitelink

  3. Australian Curriculum F-10 pdf (3.8MB)



AC syllabus docs (as pdf's)

Yr 11 ATAR

Yr 11 General

Yr 11 Foundation

Yr 12 ATAR

Yr 12 General

Yr 12 Foundation

Year 12 Preliminary

Prof Reading


Passages here for comprehension and analysis activities from a range of sources. Only a few currently have questions; over time most will have focus activities attached.

  1. Developing reading comprehension

  2. Multimodal - Prisoners write letters to their younger selves

  3. Its time to empower our girls.

  4. Analysis of Fish and Chips

  5. Buffy Slays the Vampire Killer (questions)

  6. “Swingers and Squares"

  7. Sample answers

  8. Comprehension-Comment student responses (year approx. 2000)

  9. Comprehension - The Indigenous Literature of Australia

  10. Fatophobia

  11. Inside the mind of a hostage

  12. Grammar pedantry

  13. Facebook Zuckerberg sets a challenge

  14. It may be hard to accept

  15. Comprehension - Domestic Animals

  16. Mad AFL fan

  17. Mark Latham, mothers and anti-depressants

  18. Expository writing - My Lai Massacre - extended article

  19. Shooting an Elephant

Conventions (?)

  1. Genre

  2. Hybrid novels

Alpha order then sort

  1. Overview - AC English

  2. Autobiographical Writing

  3. Parody

  4. Everyday text - Pet Fact Book pdf

  5. Digital-online - Playing high action video games

  6. We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

  7. You're either with us or against us



  1. Feminist perspective

  2. Perspectives - cultural appropriation

  3. Perspectives

  4. A reading of Winnie the Pooh


  1. Viewing - Ariana Grande - Break Free MVC

  2. The Comic Code Authority

  3. Viewing - Elena

  4. Viewing - Urban photography

  5. Viewing - Sin City comprehension

  6. Viewing - Visual autobiography of Leonardo di Vinci

Ideologies, values and attitudes

  1. Ideologies, attitudes and values - hip-hop cullture

  2. Issues in modern music



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