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* Wikipedia Search
* EtymologyDict
* Meriam-Webster
* K-Play
* Yahoo Ed


* punctuation
* linking logically
* paragraphing
* skim and scan
* spelling tips

Literary terms

* BBC News (UK)
* Google News
* Newseum
* The Age (Vic)
* The Australian
* TheTimes (UK)
* TheWest (WA)
* WashingtonPost


Reference sites




Homework Policy

All students are expected to have their Trinity Handbook with them in every class. All homework must written down when it is set, noting when it is due.

Homework for all classes can be accessed on the Calendar, found on the Home page of My Class Notes. Where homework details or attachments exceed calendar space, the information will be available on the class pages below. These will be linked to directly from the Calendar.

Expected homework per night

You are expected always to be a reading a novel of your own choosing. Even at the end of term without immediate assessments there is homework and study that can be done in preparation for the following term, especially in Upper School.

In Middle School, four to five homeworks will be set per week, up to half an hour each. Yrs 10 -12 will generally have homework set over several nights. In Yr 8 students should be doing approximately one and a half hours total per night; Yr 9 one and a half hours to two hours; Yr 10 two to two and a half hours; Yr 11 two and a half to three hours; Yr 12 approximately three hours plus of homework and study.

Homework set here is the minimum amount expected. This does not include study, which consists of REVISION, current work REVIEW and PREVIEWING work to come. Often outside of daily homework is the reading of set novels.

There is NEVER no homework or study to be done.


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