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* Wikipedia Search
* EtymologyDict
* Meriam-Webster
* K-Play
* Yahoo Ed


* punctuation
* linking logically
* paragraphing
* skim and scan
* spelling tips

Literary terms

* BBC News (UK)
* Google News
* Newseum
* The Age (Vic)
* The Australian
* TheTimes (UK)
* TheWest (WA)
* WashingtonPost


Reference sites


Bowling for Columbine Home
structure) Bowling for Columbine Home

Links. (All links will open in a separate window.)

  1. Browse this site then click on the links site below. Questions will be provided..

    •Common Sense gun control lobby
    •Articles and Press
    (Read three and be prepared to comment critically.)
    • Teachers Guide (read sections as directed by your teacher.)
  2. (Lying liars) Read.
  3. (Fact or fiction) Read.
  4. (Read)
  5. (Read)
  6. Film Techniques 10 Excel 2003 student homework on Columbine

(A) Visit 1 above and browse.
Read the links
indicated above and answer questions as directed.

(B) Visit 2 above, read the article and answer the following:

1. At the end of this article Moore states : "PS. From now on, I will deal with all wacko attackos on this page. If you hear something about me that doesn't sound quite right, check in here."
Comment on his post script i.e. what can be inferred about him and from his comment?

2. In the article Moore states :"So, faced with a thoroughly truthful and honest film, those who object to the film's political points are left with the choice of debating us on the issues in the film – or resorting to character assassination." In the light of our understanding of documentary film making as always presenting some version of reality, does Moore lose some of his credibility for stating that his version of the truth is the only one? Discuss in groups. You are not expected to agree.

(C) Read 3. above.

This is a very significant article. You will need to be guided through this by your teacher.It is a very significant article because it reinforces the need for people to remember that NO documentary (or text) contains 'the truth'. Every text presents some view, some representation, of reality. Every text presents some version of reality. It is up to us to assess the relative merits of whatever is put before us and see that a wide range of (in our case) documentary and propaganda techniques are being employed to persuade us.

We all need to scrutinise whatever we are told by anyone, be they the NRA, or an apparent messiah of truth and right, Michael Moore.


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