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Wk 4 Essay Grapes of Wrath

 The Grapes of Wrath Wk 6 Essay

Homework Week 3 and essay preparation.


Critically evaluate the article The Grapes of Wrath by George Bluestone.   


Film Essay

This activity is preparation for your film essay in Week 4 which will consist basically of the same question to be completed in class without notes.


I suggest you do the following. The process should take most of this week for homework.

  • Closely read and annotate the article.

  • Explain what the author is saying about the novel (what it means / themes/ ways these meanings are constructed etc);

  • Explain what the author is saying about the film (what it means / themes/ ways these meanings are constructed etc);

  • Assess / critically evaluate his findings about the book and the film; ie what is he saying; do you agree with his assertions; are these valid claims and why; what are your own observations? ( I strongly recommend you come to your own conclusions. This could constitute a whole separate section if you have lots to say.)

Your answer will not be marked. It will be used by you in class during the week  with others to develop an answer. It is the thrust of your prepared essay. The assessment will be the Week 4 essay, no notes.

The word limit is whatever you can write in 55 minutes.



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