The Great Gatsby

Oral Tutorial Assessment Yr 11 Lit 2006 - not for assessment.


Commence Tuesday homework; present Monday Wk 9.


Group Activity: Chapters 2 & 3



1.     You will be organised into groups of four or five students.

2.     You task is to read the page references given for each group and then conduct a thoughtful discussion and analysis of the listed ideas and issues. This pursuit should be guided by the quest to find meaning in the novel. In this way you should be looking for information about characters, setting, contextual issues (class, gender, race etc) that are significant to the main themes or ideas emerging in the novel.

3.     All members of the group should take notes from this activity, as these will be vital for writing you will do on the novel later in the term.

4.     Each group will be responsible for presenting an oral report on their findings to the rest of the class (10 minutes maximum). Your major objective here is to teach the class about your section of the chapter in a way that is informative and interesting. All members of the group need to be actively involved in this presentation. Other members of the class should be able to take effective notes from your presentation and you may even like to present them with a summary sheet / notes / handout extraordinaire.



Group 1

Chapter 2 Pgs 26-31 and Setting Map


Things to discuss and analyse


      the valley of Ashes

      the people who live there

      George Wilson and Myrtle

      Toms treatment of the Wilsons

      Doctor Eckleberg

      Myrtles attitude to wealth/class/her position in society


Group 2

Chapter 2 Pgs 32-40 and Setting Map


Discuss and analyse


      the relationship between Tom and Myrtle

      the guests at the party

      the general atmosphere

      Nicks condition

      Toms brutality is he defending Daisys honour?

Group 3

Chapter 3 Pgs 41-47 and Setting Map


Discuss and analyse


      the juxtaposition of the previous chapter and Gatsbys party

      the illusory nature of the party

      What is the reality?

      the type of guests their attention to their host/their behaviour

      symbolic reference colours, clothes etc

      Nicks interaction with the guests



Group 4

Chapter 3 Pgs48-56 and Setting Map

Discuss and analyse


      the meeting with Gatsby

      various rumours about him

      significance of careless driving at the end of this section

      roles/attitudes of male and female guests

      How is Gatsby different to his guests?

      What does Nick see as being the real man?