The Great Gatsby

We have already partly addressed some of these. I will review what we have covered in class.


Nick as Narrator


  1. List what we learn about Nick’s character to the end of “..abortive sorrows and shortwinded elations about men.”



  1. Why has FSF constructed Nick in this way ie what part do Nick’s qualities play in positioning the reader to respond to certain characters and events.


  1. Are there any contradictions in his character, ie is he completely predictable, open, honest and consistent etc? If he is not all of these then why has F Scott Fitzzgerald constructed him in such (an inconsistent) a way.



  1. Prepare two differently FORMATTED essay plans for the following question.



For the following essay topic write


“There is no such thing as a neutral story or narrator. Discuss how the narrator positions the reader to accept a particular reading of (part of, eg Chapter One) a text (OR of one character).”


The bracketed parts of this question is for you to answer. Unbracketed was the TEE question.


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