The Great Gatsby Setting Map


Card will be provided.



Construct a map of the setting used in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby based on the descriptions in the novel.


Areas Required on Map:

a. East Egg (pgs. 4 - 5)

b. Buchanan's house (pgs. 6 - 7)

c. West Egg (pgs. 4 - 5)

d. Gatsby's house (pg. 5)

e. Nick's house (pg. 5)

f. Long Island Sound (pg. 5)

g. Valley of Ashes (pg. 23)

h. T.J. Eckleberg billboard (pg. 23)

i. Railroad tracks and motor road (pg. 23)

j. Wilson's garage/house (pgs. 24 -25)

k. New York (pg. 4, 23)

l. Jordan's aunt's apartment (pg. 19)

m. Tom and Myrtle's apartment (pgs. 28 -29)



  1. Sketch out a rough draft of map on notebook paper. Remember your map must be based upon descriptions from novel.

  2. Draw / paste an image for each.

  3. Label each and provide a legend.


____East Egg

____Buchanan's House

____West Egg

____Gatsby's House

____Nick's House

____Long Island Sound

____Valley of Ashes

____T.J. Eckleberg Billboard

____Railroad tracks and motor road

____Wilson's Garage/House

____New York

____Tom and Myrtle's love nest

____Jordan's aunt's apartment