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The Sacred Balance Holiday Practice Essay

The following task was the only in-class expository question essay set at Trinity in 2004. You are to research this task and complete your response using the format provided below.

You are strongly advised to research this during the holidays before you complete your group chapter activities.

Due for submission Monday Week 2 Term 2. To be neatly written and presented.



The Year 12 English Syllabus states that “in their study of each text, students need to understand their own contexts as readers, including the expectations, attitudes and values they bring to the text.”

Show how your understanding of the world has influenced your response to the expository text The Sacred Balance.


INTRODUCTION must include at least (in whatever order):

  • contextual information regarding the text, the author and the production of the text including why written, circumstances in the world at the time of writing etc;

  • direct response to the question (what is your response to the text; how has your understanding of the world influenced this response?);

  • indirect response - what expectations, values and attitudes do you bring to the text (actually identify these!).

BODY PARAGRAPHS : for each body paragraph -

  1. Craft carefully the topic sentence (the main point of this paragraph).

  2. Explain this idea further; develop / expand it.

  3. Why do you think or feel this? PROVIDE EVIDENCE.

  4. Explain how this evidence is relevant to your main idea (topic sentence).

  5. Evidence again - yes, more than just one item or piece of evidence.

  6. Explain the relevance of this again.

  7. LINK to the question; that is, what part of the question is this relevant to? Use KEY TERMS ie what part/s of the question you are addressing (eg terms like context, values, influence, understandings etc). What part or aspect of the question you are addressing should be clear at the end of every paragraph.

This format must be repeated FOUR TIMES. That is, your answer will consist of four body paragraphs. Limit your answer to this for the time-being. Your in-class tasks should consist of AT LEAST this number of paragraphs from mid-year exams onward; five or more is desireable.


Write a TWO SENTENCE conclusion. Yup, two sentences. Make it an interesting, punchy, personal response. BE ORIGINAL. Don't just repeat the same phrases from your essay.


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