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Satire in  The Simpsons
Satire in  The Simpsons

Activity 1 (25 minutes)
* Working in groups of two or three, identify as many targets of Simpson’s satire as you can.
* You will need to identify exactly what we are laughing at or with. Try groups like people, organizations, society and see how you go. Each of these will have sub-headings. When we laugh at Homer, for example sometimes, we are laughing at laziness or stupidity. Provide examples for each point. (What about Chief Wigham – are we ridiculing the man, or police in general – or both? Specify.

Activity 2 (25 minutes)

*Working in the same groups, identify and list problems in OUR local society (include school) that we could ridicule / mock/ make fun of / laugh at.
* Some things may be annoying, such as injustice or hypocrisy. How can these things be satirised?
* If you have time, make up a skit or little play which satirises some aspect of school. This will be performed.

Tuesday’s Activities

Read the following and complete the activities.

A parody is an imitation or copy of something which makes a critical comment by exaggerating and causing humour. A parody can be of an individual or group, a song, poem, novel, play or work of art.

Much of The Simpsons contains parody.

Activity 1 (25 mins)

* Identify from the Simpson’s episode viewed for homework, or any other, a list of things that are parodied or mimicked in this program. Note that every program contains a wide range of parodies, targeted at a wide range of audiences. Your list should identify what is being copied. Eg “Hi, I’m Troy McLure. You should know me…." Also, Madison Stacey doll..Number these.

* What is being satirised in these parodies? That is, what is being ridiculed or made fun of? What comment is made about these things? Is the criticism gently mocking or is it a bitter commentary about some real problems in society?

Activity 2. (25 mins)

*  Write a script for a parody of events at Chisholm. Include teachers and students. Make your skit funny without being nasty. Make sure your satire is directed at social issues (let’s say problems in the school and education) rather than aiming to belittle individuals. Your script should be written like a play, with description where necessary of any action.



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