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* Wikipedia Search
* EtymologyDict
* Meriam-Webster
* K-Play
* Yahoo Ed


* punctuation
* linking logically
* paragraphing
* skim and scan
* spelling tips

Literary terms

* BBC News (UK)
* Google News
* Newseum
* The Age (Vic)
* The Australian
* TheTimes (UK)
* TheWest (WA)
* WashingtonPost


Reference sites


Somersault Home

  1. Film Techniques - Somersault Review

  2. Students' comments Tuesday 30th - thanks Megsie and co.

  3. Activity Monday 29th November

  4. Comments from JW after the movie

  5. Movie Site link includes cast details.
    Read the posts linked at the bottom of the webpage cited above. Why not add a comment yourself? (Thoughtful comment of course.)

  6. Go to the Hopscotch site and click on Somersault. Read the blurb. Do you agree? Why or why not?

  7. Movie Review 1

  8. Soundtrack info. Excellent

  9. Movie Review 2

  10. Movie Review 3 plus interview with Cate Shortland (Director).

  11. Movie Review 4

  12. "Somersault is a visually haunting story of an adolescent girl's discovery of the difference between sex and love in the winter landscape of an Australian ski resort town." Do you agree or disagree? Why?

  13. Discuss how the representation of Australian culture is constructed in ONE film studied this year.


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