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* EtymologyDict
* Meriam-Webster
* K-Play
* Yahoo Ed


* punctuation
* linking logically
* paragraphing
* skim and scan
* spelling tips

Literary terms

* BBC News (UK)
* Google News
* Newseum
* The Age (Vic)
* The Australian
* TheTimes (UK)
* TheWest (WA)
* WashingtonPost


Reference sites


Feature Article Home
Feature Article Home


Feature Articles will contain some the following :

  • • Attention grabbing words of headline
    • Striking main photograph in keeping with theme
    • Text in columns
    • Intentional use of colour of text headings
    • Colour theme throughout
    • “Delayed-lead” unlike normal lead of newspaper article
    • Font styles vary
    • Captions cross-column
    • Style, size, colour and variety of fonts construct meaning
    • Colours used throughout construct meaning
    • Posed photographs
    • Descriptive, colourful, often colloquial language
    • Frequent questions interview-style
    • Quotes in direct and indirect speech
    • Anecdotes and personal recollections;
    • Presence of author sensed / author comment
    • Blocks of information and “hooks” for interest;
    • Vignette or personal picture painted
    • Statement of theme / clear “angle” of article
    • Resolution of theme at end of article
    • Crafted composition, size and placement of photographs.
    • Attention-grabbing captions
    • Candid / natural photographs
    • Large capital to commence article or paragraph
    • Background image or colour
    • Separate column background colour
    • Masked photographs / wrapped text
    • Information in blocks with “hook” for interest to next block
    • Sense of “inside information” / “secrets revealed” may be created



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