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Reading home page

The articles below can be used for a range of purposes:

  • issues / values / attitudes/ ideologies / thematic perspectives
  • reading comprehension passage sources
  • generic convention analysis
  • exam or in-class reading responses

1984 - reading activity

Book before film

Chinese dog eaters

Death is nothing at all

Dye vs Hawkins

Learning to live in the Asian century

My Dearest Redneck Son

My Mother Never Worked

Our Deepest Fear

Reading analysis - Orwell's 1984

Reading links

Reading undermined by technology

School children failing to read books

Singapore's shared values

The working woman's right to wear a turtleneck

What my son's disabilites taught me

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Feel free to access these resources for study purposes or classroom use. However where they have been directly dowloaded for distribution or copied and provided as notes, please acknowledge as a courtesy. John Watson
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