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Central to supporting effective professional learning are strategies to:

  • encourage teacher engagement in their course areas
  • supporting teachers to undertake courses
  • embedding strategies to sustain the professional learning and to transform classroom practice


Develop and implement mechanisms that strengthen teacher's willingness to engage in increasing their knowledge, skills and practice in supporting students' development in all areas of learning by:

  • mapping course content features across the curriculum and the year levels to determine student learning needs and staff professional learning needs

  • undertaking/providing targeted professional learning through staff (and other) meetings to build staff awareness



Promote and support effective engagement of teachers in sustained professional learning by:

  • providing course subsidies to participants where feasible

  • providing regular meeting times to support collaboration with follow up activities

  • exploring flexible delivery of course and providing some time release for teachers (incorporate course into student free days)



Plan and deliver follow-up that ensures implementation of learning from sustained and professional learning by:

  • providing opportunities for peer mentoring, classroom observation, expert coaching and mentoring

  • providing regular meeting times, post course workshops/tutorials to support ongoing professional learning discussions

  • providing resources (model texts, library resources, research and publications, support mechanisms)

  • developing resources for explicit teaching

    • faculty scope and sequence with specific reference
    • modelling and scaffolding use of teaching learning strategies
    • sharing teaching and learning programs and resources
    • using of participant rubrics and course evaluation sheets to identify areas of growth and areas for continuing development



Research shows that professional learning and development is effective when teachers:

  • integrate theory with practice (i.e. have a theoretical perspective which drives beliefs and actions)

  • have their existing assumptions, knowledge and skills engaged but also challenged

  • have multiple opportunities to learn and practise new knowledge and skills in a trusting yet challenging environment

  • are engaged in professional learning communities within their school, across clusters of schools or through state/nation-wide professional associations.

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