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This site is for sharing English resources, so if you access anything here or use My Class Notes please consider volunteering some of your own resources to help others. You can mail these to me as Word docs (or pdfs, web pages, PowerPoints) at my email address below or click here. Authorship acknowledged. Suggestions to improve these pages or any part of the site appreciated. Disclaimer - the site non-profit, no returns, nil benefits to me.

A note on copyright: I may be in breach of copyright by copying and pasting some newspaper articles here. Have copied rather than linked for the time-being as some articles in newspapers and online publications are not archived and are removed after a period of time and "'disappear". As stated, the site non-profit; neither I, nor any person or organisation associated with the site stands to gain in any way from publication of any material. Anything not mine I have attributed by way of a direct link or general acknowledgement if unable to verify.


English Syllabus 2012- pdf

Identity resource

Literature Syllabus 2012 - pdf



Standards Guides (pdfs):
- 2009 - Reading
- 2009 - Writing
- 2009 - Viewing







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Feel free to access these resources for study purposes or classroom use. However where they have been directly dowloaded for distribution or copied and provided as notes, please acknowledge as a courtesy. John Watson
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