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Swim Home Page

Distance Swimming Tips
(pretty ancient links here - will update one day)

Open Water

Mind Training Tips Endurance Training Tips

Injury and management

Great pdf (portable document folder) with diagrams for shoulder strengthening

Freestyle injury / impingement management (Detailed technique modification to reduce impingement)

Avoiding impingement (Good stuff. Move through the'fish menu' left.)

Swimmers shoulder impingement and management

Impingement and the rotator cuff

Sports Injury Bulletin - search the archives

Almighty list of injury prevention / management from

    Swimmer's Ear Prevention
    How to Prevent Swimmer's Ear
    Stretching Exercises for Swimmers
    Swimmer's Shoulder
    Shoulder Strengthening Exercises
    Shoulder Injury Prevention
    Swimmers Shoulder: Targeting Treatment
    Kiss Shoulder Pain Goodbye
    Stronger Shoulders for Swimmers
    Recovering From Shoulder Pain
    Groin Injury Prevention
    Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention
    Swimming Injuries and Illnesses
    Swimming Biomechanics and Injury Prevention
    Pain in the Knee
    The Importance of Warming Up
    Can I swim with a Fever?
    Rehydration Tips for Swimmers
    Beat Fatigue in Long Meets

Maps - swimming and paddling distances

Mental Development

(I've pinched these links from as they're impossible to directly link to in this site.)

16 Values from Swimming

Nutrition (

Nutrition Tracker

Rottnest Channel Swim bits

Rottnest Channel Swim, Feb 22, 03

Lions for a day Two accounts of a difficult swim

Rotto preparation
See the Rottnest Channel Swim page left margin. The 2002 pdf document I linked to here has been removed. 


Strength Training Tips

Swimming clubs and associations

Aussie Masters

WA Swimming Organisation

Rottnest Channel Swim site

WA Open Water Swimming

Swim technique

  1. Stroke analysis of Hackett, Thorpe (Photographs here for high elbow and downwards sweep.)

    Ian Thorpe's Balance (includes photos)

    Grant Hackett's Balance (includes photos)

    Efficient freestyle swimming

    Endurance or High Intensity Training for distance swimming

    Articles on Stroke Technique

    Coaches InfoService - Sports Science Info for coaches (swimming)


    Coaching Science Abstracts

    Principles of training

    Biomechanics - heaps of brilliant links if you are into the science of it all. Outstanding head food.

    Ten elements of a perfect style (Query point 4)

Swimming Research Centre Amsterdam

Propulsion in Swimming (cool site with some great audio-visuals)

  1. Below : Thorpe at 14 years of age.. See caption below for details.

    Thorpe at 14


Tumbleturn technique images

You Tube swim links


Popov part 1 old but good.

Popov part 2 - Hackett






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