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Viewing comprehension

Sin City




Film poster for Frank Miller's film adaptation of the graphic novel Sin City.

  1. What is the intended purpose of a film poster and does this poster of Sin City succeed in addressing that purpose? Briefly explain why.

  2. What type or kind of film (genre) do you think this is and why?

  3. Identify how visual language is used to shape viewer response and briefly explain with supporting evidence. (Some alternative phrasing for this kind of question: What visual conventions have been used in this image to impact on the viewer? / How has this poster been constructed to ...? What techniques has the creator of this image used to engage the viewer? How does this image influence the reader? How does this image persuade the reader to think and feel certain things?)

  4. How have males and females been represented in this poster?

  5. Are these goodies, baddies or a mix? Explain why you think this way. (If you have seen the film, try to use only the evidence of the poster.)




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