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A - H

Analysis of Fish and Chips

Argument Taylor Swift

Australian texts

Buffy Slays the Vampire Killer (questions)

Comprehension-Comment student responses (year approx. 2000)

Digital-online - Playing high action video games

Domestic Animals

Everyday text - Pet Fact Book pdf

Expository writing - My Lai Massacre - extended article


Facebook Zuckerberg sets a challenge


Grammar pedantry

Hybrid novels

Inside the mind of a hostage

It may be hard to accept

Its time to empower our girls

Jodie defends Kirsten

I - P

Identity in Irish Examination - LC Higher Paper 2008

Ideologies, attitudes and values - hip-hop cullture

Issues in modern music

Mad AFL fan

Malala speech to General Assembly

Mark Latham, mothers and anti-depressants

Media snobs

Multimodal - Prisoners write letters to their younger selves

Overview - AC English

Perspectives -

Psychoanalytic reading of Winnie the Pooh

Q - Z

Reading comprehension

Reading practices

Sample answers

Shooting an Elephant'

Snobs and whingers

“Swingers and Squares"

The Comic Code Authority

Truth In Non Fiction

Viewing - Elena

Viewing - Urban photography

Viewing - Sin City comprehension

Viewing - Visual autobiography of Leonardo di Vinci

Viewing - Ariana Grande - Break Free MVC

Voices from Solitary

Voices and perspectives:

Prisoners write letters to themselves

Voices - The Pink Gang (link to video)

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

What do you mean - study hybrid novels

Whole Pantry - Belle

You're either with us or against us

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