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This is a wonderful, powerful multimodal resource for both ATAR and General courses offering opportunities to target a wide range of unit content dot points. Twenty minutes to create this pdf link to both syllabuses pretty much a waste of time because a vast amount of unit content dot points can be covered through so many texts. As I pointed out to someone the other day and this rings true again with this exercise:

It's not where you're looking or what you're looking for but HOW YOU ARE LOOKING! That is the secret I believe to finding good resources - keep your eyes and mind open all the time.



This article offers opportunities to explore multiple unit content dot points.

The perspective offered in this article is from the position of older prisoners reflecting on their lives and writing to their younger selves. Further power of the article exists in the perspective of the older person talking to the younger.

See the pdf referred to left and target particular unit content dot points.

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